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Airbrush Art Shop specializes in custom airbrush work which means we can take your photo and put it on a quality t-shirt, sweatshirt, leather, denim, or virtually any other surface you want for a price you can afford! Unless otherwise stated, t-shirts are included in the price!

The samples in this gallery reflect what people have asked for at county fairs, mall shows, and others. Advanced work is also available and can be individually quoted.

Please click samples to enlarge and for more information on each image!

Domestic Pets Dogs

Custom airbrushed dogs

Black and white or color from your own photo!

Custom airbrushed dogs

$30 sample

Custom airbrushed dogs

$30 sample of custom work from your photo. All breeds accepted!

Domestic Pets Horses

Domestic Pets Birds

Custom airbrushed horses

$30 sample

Custom airbrushed horses

$30 sample

Custom airbrushed birds

Custom from your photo!

Custom airbrushed birds

$35.00 sample

Wildlife Wolves

Wolf on black t-shirt

$28 sample

Howling Wolf

$24 sample

Lone wolf

$42 sample

Pack of wolves

$50 with sweatshirt included

Wildlife Big Cats

White tiger

Bengal tiger


Exotic white tiger

Only $27

Pouncing Cougar


Wildlife other

Fantasy Dragons

Fantasy Dragons!

Wildlife Turtles

Beautiful piece of work!

Wildlife Eagles

$24 sample


Leather tiger

$140 sample. Leather vest included!

This vest belongs to JD himself, and the picture was taken when it was already three years old! $125 sample.

Leather tiger


Tiger on denim jacket

Denim jackets start at $65 for the art and approximately $38 for the jackets. Please contact us for current brands.

Even years later, the customer who got this design still receives many enthusiastic compliments on it!

Styx on denim jacket